Sunday, July 5, 2009

what the best computer on the market is ? motherboard

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Here we are again to continue this series, The computer main stuff are: motherboard, processor, ram memory, hard drive. Lan interface, USB and IEEE ports, monitor. The Motherboard is like a race track or superhighway where data cars run to reach the processor. This racing circuit can have different designs with different speed limits of course. In today's market there is a few brands which have the leadership means ASUS, AMD, etc.

Fortunately, there is four main characteristics to compare motherboards : processor supported, Ram memory capacity and speed, expansion slots quantity, and data average transfer for slow cars like Hard Drive, LAN interface, USB port. Let me briefly explain each one of this:

  1. Processor, It is the movie star of computer world, the fastest processors today are Phenom II (AMD) and Core I7(Intel) each one is supported by AMD3 and LGA 1366 socket. I always have the idea that understanding's technology is just a matter of jargon if you understand it the rest is easy. Well socket means the mother place where processor is inserted .

  2. Ram memory is other of the fastest cars in the motherboard-track, fortunately there is an unique technology which domain the market. It is DDR3 200/1600/1333/1066/800. We will explain DDR technology in another article. The maximum capacity per motherboard is between 24GB and 16GB.

  3. PCI/Express is the best technology today for expansion slots and a motherboard usually have 5 or 6 slots.

  4. The last parameter is how fast the motherboard interchange data with data cars like hard drive, LAN or USB ports. Today's fastest speed are 3.0 GB/S, 10/100/1000 MBPS for the hardrive and LAN ports respectively.

After we take the maximum values of each parameter, we have the best motherboard. Today July 05 2009, there are two motherboards which due the first place. EVGA X583 X SLI and ASUS 6T7.

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